……..Every season and every year, there is something new in style. And as a fashion fanatic and undeniable shopaholic, I understand the need for new and stylish ideas to help upgrade the wardrobe.

……..So here at Vital For Style, I’ll tell you about all of the hottest styles that are trending now, and show you some of the essentials you’ll need in your wardrobe this season!

……..And in case you’re ever running out of outfit ideas, I post new pictures every week that will give you a little style inspiration! 




……..My name is Lexi and I am 20 years old, and I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life. Growing up, I was sort of a tom-boy, so I really had no sense of style at all. But truth be told, back then I just didn’t care! 

……..Once I started to gain confidence in myself, my fondness for fashion also began to grow. Now, I’m a total shopaholic and I spend over an hour just putting together an outfit to wear!

……..I’ve also done a bit of freelance modeling throughout the past few years, but currently I work as an Artist. And when you don’t find me shopping, painting, or crafting, you can probably find me fishing on the lake with my Boyfriend or cuddling with my 3-legged Catahoula Leapord dog, Jax.

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