10 Different Ways To Style Thigh High Boots In The Summer | Summer Outfit Inspiration

Thigh high boots are one of the trendiest style staples we’ve seen this year, no doubt. And though we usually consider boots to be a part of fall and winter attire, it would be an absolute shame if we let this extraordinarily fabulous trend die during the hot summer months.

That’s why I went on journey to find various different ways that we can incorporate thigh high boots into our summer wardrobes, thus keeping the trend alive.





#1all grey day


Thigh high boots styled with a basic short sleeve tee, tucked into a pair of light wash distressed denim shorts. Complete the look with a plaid flannel shirt tied around the waist.




Thigh high boots worn with a collared button up shirt dress with a curved hem. A belt or braided tie can be added around the waist if desired.




Thigh high boots paired with a fitted sleeveless mock neck crop top or bodysuit, tucked under a high waist button up denim mini skirt.



Thigh high boots styled with fishnet or sheer translucent stockings and an over sized rock band tour tee, with or without distressed denim shorts and/or denim jacket.




Thigh high boots worn with a puffy 3/4 sleeve off the shoulder crop top and high waist skater skirt. Popular top styles for this look include off the shoulder bodysuits, or non form-fitting off the shoulder crop tops.




Thigh high boots paired with a floral bell sleeve romper, can be worn with or without a matching belt. Popular romper styles for this look include off the shoulder, cold shoulder, deep v, or choker neckline with medium-long sleeve length.




Thigh high boots worn with a solid color choker tee shirt dress or over sized choker tee. Fishnet stockings can also be added to complete the look.




Thigh high boots paired with a dolphin hem mini bodycon dress with a jewel neckline. Popular sleeve lengths for this look include 3/4 total length, long sleeve, or sleeveless.




Thigh high boots styled with a solid color bell sleeve shift or swing dress, with or without a lace up neckline. Sleeves, although long, are flowey and suitable for hot weather.




Thigh high boots worn with a plain over sized short sleeve crew neck tee (worn as a mini dress), and a ball cap. Popular tee’s for this look are solid colored and long enough to wear as a dress, without the need for shorts underneath.


As you can see, there are plenty of adorable ways to continue on wearing thigh high boots in the summer. I personally look forward to trying all of these styles myself before the season ends, and I hope I was able to inspire all of you to do the same!

Feel free to leave me a comment telling me which of the above styles you liked the most, which styles you plan on trying, or share a whole new way you might like to style thigh high boots in the summer!

Anyway, thank you all for reading and expect to see another post from me later on this week. Have a kick ass Wednesday everyone, love you guys!


The Recollections Of A Model | As Told By A Too-Short Girl

As a vertically challenged female, I knew I wouldn’t make it very far as a model and there was nothing I could do about it. I mean, the minimum height requirement for most agencies is at least 5’8″, and I’m a lousy 5’2″. So needless to say, I was in it for the fun and the photos.

I did however have a year long modeling contract with Westhaven Management Group, but it expired back in November 2016 and I wasn’t that interested in signing again. At least I was able to make a few good friends out of the whole experience though, and it’s nice to have friends who are actually fashion photographers that I can go shoot with from time to time. But today I’m just gonna share a ton of photos and few fond memories I made during my attempt at becoming a model, lol.




My very first photoshoot was with Nick Jordan at Nicovision Studios in Roswell, Georgia. It was actually the day before my high school graduation, and I had an absolute blast.


best1 Nicovision7 Nicovision9 Nicovision6


I was actually wearing the same outfit that I wore to my graduation in the last two photos from above.

But I enjoyed shooting with Nick so much that I decided to shoot with him again later on down the road, this time for a lingerie shoot that I’d been dying to do.


IMG_20151028_131909 lexisxy unnamed lexismile lexiflrclr lexiflr


You can see some of his work and even more pictures he took of me on his Instagram page.




Most of the photoshoots I did were with Steven Wallace, who actually makes a living as a wedding photographer, but occasionally likes to shoot fashion. We became really good friends, got to shoot in some amazing locations, and took hundreds of pictures together.

We had our first photoshoot at a little hidden park in Atlanta, called Tanyard Creek. It was such a beautiful location, and it had a really old railroad track bridge and a gorgeous creek that we were able to shoot in.


V__8AB0.jpg 1stevenwallace stevenwallace26 stevenwallace01 stevenwallace V__F785 V__15BA


We had our second shoot at the abandoned Pullman Train Yard in Atlanta, and it had to be the most incredible place I’d ever seen. It had multiple buildings with multiple rooms, all of which were humongous and empty, except for the largest room which contained an old train car.


WP_20150816_001 WP_20150816_16_38_58_Pro stevenwallace03 stevenwallace11 stevenwallace12 stevenwallace32 stevenwallace13 stevenwallace16 stevenwallace05 stevenwallace09 MAGCONTEST


Steven and I even had that last photo published in Popular Photography Magazine, as you can see above.

Our next photoshoot took place in an empty building in Atlanta, and we also took photos while walking around the city. At one point or another, there had been a random girl walking by, and we had to pause for her to pass. At first it seemed as though she was just going to continue on passed us, but when she was crossing she suddenly stopped and struck a pose right beside me! It was so unexpected, and it turned out to be a hilarious and very memorable moment.


Downtown-130 Downtown-129 Downtown-1 Downtown-2 Downtown-7 Downtown-13 Downtown-16 Downtown-28 Downtown-38 Downtown-48 Downtown-56 Downtown-60 Downtown-68 Downtown-80 Downtown-93 (2) Downtown-115 Downtown-120 Downtown-122 Downtown-126 Downtown-128 Downtown-175 Downtown-180 Downtown-185 Downtown-208 Downtown-228


Oops! And I almost forgot to mention, if you head down to the Shop Page on my blog, you’ll be able to find both dresses from this photoshoot for sale!

Anyway, another photoshoot we had was at Freemans Mill Park in Lawrenceville, Georgia. It was yet another beautiful shooting location, and this one had a waterfall that made for some great photos.


FreemansMill-105 FreemansMill-115 FreemansMill-49 V__EEF0 FreemansMill-1 FreemansMill-2 FreemansMill-3 FreemansMill-5 FreemansMill-17 FreemansMill-18 FreemansMill-39 FreemansMill-30 FreemansMill-29 FreemansMill-123 FreemansMill-129 FreemansMill-135 FreemansMill-165 FreemansMill-52


I had actually stolen the black skirt I wore in this photoshoot from my mom’s closet, and I never even returned it lol. And I can’t really remember what happened to the bikini I wore, but it had been my favorite bikini (not to mention the most expensive) from Victoria’s Secret. Soon after this photoshoot, it just disappeared!

Now my last photoshoot with Steven was at McDaniel Farm Park near Atlanta. It was a pretty cool place to walk around, and it had an amazingly long bridge that I was excited to take pictures on.


Lexi-1 Lexi-9 Lexi-11 Attach1834 Lexi-20 Lexi-17 Lexi-7 Attach1696 Attach1837 Lexi-14 Attach1694


I still love to wear the leather jacket from this shoot all the time in the fall and winter. And you also may or may not have noticed another appearance of the black skirt I stole from my mom that I wore in the last shoot lol!

If you’re interested in seeing more of Steven’s work, you can visit his Instagram and check it out!




I only had one photoshoot with Atin, even though there was some talk about planning another one. I guess that’s mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t all that happy with the photo turnout from our shoot. To be fair, some of my unhappiness can be blamed on the wardrobe that was used and the unpleasantly hot weather we had that day making my makeup run. But I honestly had to change outfits way too many times, and I’m just not that fond of the way he edits his photos either.

We did manage to capture a few photos I kind of like though, and who knows? I’m sure there are plenty of people who like his editing style, I just have different taste I guess.


ATN_6845 ATN_7021 V__F20E Atinmajumdar1 Atinmajumdar


You can find the little pink crop top I wore during this shoot for sale on my blog’s Shop Page, go check it out!

And if you want to see more of Atin’s photos, just head over to his Facebook page or his Instagram.




I first became acquainted with J.S. through Instagram, and we had talked of shooting together for a while but never had the chance. Luckily, he messaged me one afternoon that he was going to be in my area and we were able to put together a short impromptu photoshoot at an abandoned campground nearby.


FB_IMG_1463203765805 FB_IMG_1463222797062


You can also find the hat that I’m wearing in the second photo for sale on my Shop Page.

And if you’d like to check out more photos taken by J.S., just go to his Instagram page, or you can visit his website.



Overall, I’ve had a lot of fun working with different photographers and discovering new locations. And in the end, being short may keep me from being a real supermodel, but it isn’t going to keep me from modeling.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and all of my pictures. I’d love to hear your thoughts or any stories you may have, so feel free to leave a comment!

In the meantime, Keep an eye out for more posts coming up within the next week and I hope you all enjoy your Friday! Love you guys, xoxo!

Style Saturday | My 25 Favorite Places To Shop Affordable Fashion Online

Hey there everybody, I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday.

So I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping lately (as always), and I thought I’d share some of my favorite sites to shop from!


1. Forever 21

2. Charlotte Russe

3. Make Me Chic

4. Styles For Less

5. Pacsun

6. Papaya

7. Rue 21

8. Love Culture

9. Boohoo

10. Yoins

11. American Eagle

12. Hollister

13. Poshmark

14. Missguided

15. A’gaci

16. Garage

17. 2020AVE

18. Lulu’s

19. Dress Up

20. Tilly’s

21. Rainbow

22. Lotus Boutique

23. Romwe

24. Pretty Little Thing

25. Shein

And the best part about all of these stores is that they’re affordable, but offer cute and quality apparel!

You can also visit www.storeslike.com to search some of your favorite sites and view a whole list of new stores similar to the one you searched.

So where do you guys like to shop online? Let me know in the comments!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed today’s post, and remember to head over to my “You Choose The News” post from earlier this week and vote for your favorite topic!

Fashion Friday | My Favorite Finds From Forever 21’s Newest Arrivals

Hello my loves! I hope you all are having a fantastic Fashion Friday this week, and make sure you head over to my “You Choose The News” post and vote for your favorite topic if you haven’t already!

So this morning I was online browsing through Forever 21’s website, and I figured I would share some of my favorite finds from their New Arrivals!

Here are my top 10


Floral Patchwork Cami Dress | $22.90


Mini Shift Dress | $12.90


Choker Neck T-Shirt Dress | $14.90


Open-Shoulder Swing Dress | $12.00


Open-Shoulder Floral Mini Dress | $17.90


Distressed Jeans | $24.90


Distressed Denim Mini Skirt | $35.00


Bleach Splatter T-Strap Tee | $22.90


Choker Neck Crop Top | $14.90


Layered Rhinestone Necklace | $7.90

I’m pretty sure Forever 21 is also offering free shipping on all orders (for today at least)!

So let me know your favorite pieces from today’s Top 10, and share your favorite store to shop from online!

Lastly, please please please head over to my “You Choose The News” post and vote on your favorite topic like I mentioned before! It would really mean a lot to me if you guys participated!

Well, that’s it for today everybody, and wishing you all a fabulous Fashion Friday!

Now here are some totally irrelevant photos of my dog, Jax, playing at the lake today.


Adidas Superstar Sneakers | One Pair Of Shoes—Three Different Outfits

Hey errbody, how’s it hangin’?! Feel Free to tell me all about your day in the comments, and remember—you don’t have to be shy! I don’t bite very hard lol.

So last week when I returned home from Destin, I ordered a pair of used Adidas Superstar Sneakers from Poshmark. I had been dying to have these shoes for the longest time, but I was waiting to find a good deal online.

Finally, a decent pair had been listed on Poshmark at a low price, and I was able to snatch ’em up for $20!

But long before I actually purchased the shoes, I was on Pinterest searching for cute outfits I could wear them with.

 Unfortunately though, I didn’t have all the articles of clothing that I’d need in order to put together the outfits I wanted to try. So instead I took what I had available in my wardrobe, and I came up with a few styles of my own!

•  •  •



My first outfit was pretty simple. As you can see, I styled my new sneakers with a pair of light wash jeggings (American Eagle Outfitters) and an Olive 1/2 sleeve crop top.

I specifically chose an Olive top to add some color to the outfit so that It wouldn’t be totally monochromatic. Plus, I love the color Olive!

And I thought since the jeggings were mid-rise, and fit me almost as if they were high waisted, that a crop top would be a great way to complete the look.

•  •  •




For my second outfit, I wore the same pair of jeggings from American Eagle that I used in Outfit #1. But this time instead of a crop top, I added a flowy black cold shoulder top.

I especially love how the top here is strappy, and that the black shoulder straps sort of coincide with the stripes on the sneakers.

And not only are the jeggings from American Eagle, but the top is from American Eagle as well.

•  •  •



The last way I styled my new Adidas Superstars was with an adorable sleeveless choker shift dress from American Eagle.

The dress actually has sort of a light olive colored ombre wash that (when paired with my new sneakers) makes for a punky-skater look, in my opinion.

And though I am a fan of all three looks, I believe the shift dress is my favorite. Not to mention it’s super comfortable!

But now that you’ve seen the different outfits I was able to put together, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Like which outfits did you like, and which one was your favorite? Or do you have any stylish ideas in mind you’d like to share?

You can just leave your responses in the comment section, and don’t forget to follow my blog, Vital For Style, if you haven’t already!

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed the post, and I’ll be back again soon!

My Top 6 Favorite Style Trends Of The Season | Spring 2017

Hey everyone, how have you all been? Feel free to let me know in the comments, and don’t be shy. I don’t bite very hard!

Lol anyway, today I’ll be revealing my favorite style trends from this Spring and I just want to keep it short and simple . Nothing fancy, or tedious to read. I’m just gonna dive on into it so…


• • •


• • •

1. The velvet mini shift dress

• • •

2. Faux suede over-the-knee boots

• • •

3. The classic white sneaker

• • •

4. Chokers and Y-necklaces

• • •

5. Ball caps and fedoras

• • •

6. Lace up rock-band tee shirt dresses

• • •

Now that you know what trends I’ve  been chasing, tell me what your favorite styles are in the comments!

Also, make sure you subscribe to my blog and keep an eye out for a special DIY post I’ll be publishing within the next two weeks, don’t forget!

& I’ll let you in on a little secret… My upcoming DIY post relates to one of the trends I listed above! 😮

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading guys! ❤

Spring Outfit Inspiration | BOHO Edition

I absolutely adore boho clothing, It’s without a doubt my favorite style staple.

And Spring is the best season to go boho! Seriously! It’s finally warm enough to wear crop tops or sleeveless shirts and high waisted cutoffs, but it’s still cool enough to wear a pair of distressed skinny jeans, a long flowy sleeved blouse, or a leg covering maxi skirt without sweating your skin off!

At least, where I live in Georgia that’s how it feels.

So now, without further ado, I shall share with all of you my favorite boho outfits to wear this Spring! Woo!






Well, I hope you love all of these outfits as much as I do and are able to find a little inspiration for some awesome boho outfits this Spring!

That’ll be it for now though, so I’ll see ya next time—stay golden! 😘

Style Saturday | 30 Spring Outfit Ideas & Inspiration


Hey everyone! So I know it’s a little late for a Saturday post, but who really cares? Honestly.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of these awesome spring outfit ideas with you guys, even though it’s still January! No harm in being prepared right?

And speaking of January, my 20th birthday is on January 27th! Yay!

And lastly, I want to remind you guys to go follow my Instagram @lexidashiell, and I’ll know to give you a follow back if you either comment on this post or one of my recent Instagram photos!

So, enough of that. Let’s get to these absolutely adorable spring outfit ideas!







A lot like the previous outfit, this one is a great choice for the seasonal transition since it is worn with a thick sweater/cardigan. The boots and hat are also a great and stylish addition.



This beautiful lace kimono is a perfect match to the white heeled gladiator sandals. The Fedora hat also plays in nicely, as well as the classic white v-neck tee and high waisted shorts.



These gladiator sandals ROCK! They look incredible with the side slit top and denim cut-offs. And let’s not forget the great accessories she incorporated! The necklace and bag are definitely making a hot style statement.



I love this plaid flannel-crop top-and cut off combo. It’s a great and simple look for those warm sunny days we will see this spring.



I am in love with the color olive when it comes to clothing. So my obsession with this olive off the shoulder top is no surprise. And distressed denim makes me weak in the knees, so seeing them put together is a total stylegasm for me.



So here we’ve got a classic tee tucked in the front of some high waisted white denim shorts. Super classic, and super perfect for spring.





I really like this nude colored  ruffle tank, and it looks great over these white shorts.



This is a sooner cute cardigan, and it works fabulously with the loose white top that she tucked into her high waisted pattern shorts.



I love the design on this cute little two piece, but I’m not a huge fan of her boots. I think a pair of scrappy platform wedges would have fit in much nicer.



This is a really cute classic pink romper, but what makes the outfit are the open-toe heeled saddles.





This is an adorable floral front lace up dress. The outfit is completed with a pair of light brown over the knee boots. Cuteee.



This is a really cute cold shoulder dress, but I think it would look better in a color other than mint. I’m not a huge fan of the fringe boots either, and like the patterned two piece outfit from before, I think it would look better with scrappy platform wedges.



This is a really classic yet classy look, with the short khaki colored skirt and white tee. I also like that she wore the braided sandals instead of heeled sandals, because it actually makes the whole outfit look a little more casual.



I’m dying to have this outfit! The dress, the sandals, everything. I love it! It’s perfect. And I honestly don’t know what else I can say lol.



This floral dress is super cute, but what I really love are the gray booties and accessories! Her sunglasses and bag are totally adorable, and those gray booties are to die for.



I think this is a perfect casual look for spring! Wearing a belted shirt dress with white sneakers was a great style choice on her part. And who couldn’t love that bag!



I’m loving this sleeveless knit dress, and they are a perfect fit to go with those open toe booties.



I couldn’t love this outfit more. I’m dying to have this nude maxi skirt, with the center slit and string tie around the waist. And I don’t know if I could live much longer without the off shoulder crop top she has on either!



Now that I’m looking at it, I see that these are shorts and not a skirt. But let’s just pretend she is wearing that edgy and cute see through lace top with a classic white mini skirt.



This red floral dress just wouldn’t be the same without the keyhole in the front. But with the keyhole, the dress is killer. And the white adidas sneakers make a hot touch. (If you havn’t noticed yet, I really love the white sneaker style trend)




This is another classic classy look, combining a black sleeveless tunic dress with a gray sweater/cardigan and tie up heeled sandals.



This is a super hot casual look. Here we see the white sneakers again, but this time they are worn with a striped hoody dress. I will absolutely have to try this outfit this spring!



I love love LOVE this outfit. Though the white pattern dress looks adorable here, I think any tunic dress would go awesome with a classic denim jacket. And of course, those booties tie the look together!



This outfit is incredibly sexy and it is definitely a must have this spring. A stylish Maxi skirt with a full slit and a spaghetti strap crop top, and probably the hottest pair of heels we’ve seen so far!



It’s pretty risky adding a denim jacket with suede, but I think it works here! I’ve already got the button up suede mini skirt, so I’ll be wearing this in spring for sure.




This ruffley off the shoulder top works great with this skirt. It definitely has a beachy feel that would be perfect for sunny days towards the end of spring.




This outfit is sort of tricky on the eye because the button up skirt is usually suede and the exact color of that top she’s got on lol, but this totally rocks when added with the killer gladiator sandals.





This whole outfit just works, all the way around. From the floral off the shoulder, to the distressed holey jeans and scrappy brown platform heels, all the way to the accessories.



We have yet to see the white sneakers with jeans until now, and I absolutely love them with these distressed skinnies. It looks hot with this sleeveless crop top, but I think it could also look good with a white tee.


And if you havn’t already, take a look at my post on style trends you’ll see in spring of 2017!

Here is a link to that as well



Vital for Style | Featuring Friday’s Look of The Day




So, I was walking around at the lake the other day with my boyfriend and he was kind enough to take these pictures for me.

But I really just wanted to share this outfit with you guys and hear what your opinions are!


Here I have styled a hooded leather jacket over a teal longline top with distressed light-wash skinny jeans and a pair of camel colored faux suede booties.


For makeup, I wore a dark red lipstick and went light on the eyes by using only mascara and a little bit of black eye liner on the waterline. Then I did a little highlighting and contouring to complete the look.

So leave a comment and let me know what you think about today’s featured outfit! And keep an eye out for some of my future #OOTD posts, so you can stay up to date!



Fab Friday | Trends to Keep an Eye Out For This Spring 2017

The time for Spring is almost near, so we’ve gotta prepare to make a big transition to our wardrobe and do a little spring cleaning!

If you read my previous post Fashion Friday | What You’ll See Trending in Winter 2017, you’ve already seen some of the 2017 style essentials. But now that we’ve worked our way through the winter trends, I’m sharing a list of trends that you’ll most likely see during your seasonal transition.




Choker tops are one of my favorite style trends. They are a perfect combination of elegance and sex appeal, and incorporating a choker, choker top, or choker dress to your wardrobe this spring will keep you on the track to transition success!



I absolutely adore the bohemian style. The essence of bohemian is focusing on free and flowy fabrics, but there aren’t any hard and fast rules about what is and isn’t bohemian.

You might have noticed that tunics are trending during every season really, and they can be worn with anything and everything. Though I have to say, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of booties worn with a hot tunic is a no fail. And a cute tunic or T-shirt dress worn with sneakers or gladiator sandals can also make for a stylish ensemble!