What Your Man Actually Wants For Christmas | Coming Up With Ideas


We can all agree that buying gifts for children is a no-brainer. They write you lists and give you plenty of options to choose from. The only way you could screw up their Christmas is if you bought them school supplies or another pair of pajamas… or coal, obviously.

But Christmas shopping for your Hubby is difficult year-after-year. Even if your “Bae” tells you exactly what they want, the task of surprising them with a gift that truly excites them is no closer to being done. Why? Because in that place where the magical feeling of waking up on Christmas morning used to fester inside of us, now resides the frigged cold bitterness we carry due to the stress that has overcome our once so anticipated adult lives.

Now, I can tell you that you’re never just going to find the perfect gift idea for your #1, no matter how many “Top 10 Gift Ideas for Him” articles you browse through. Clearly, the people writing those articles don’t know your Boo like you do, Boo-Boo! Plus, the authors are probably being compensated for advertising the products on their lists, and half the posts you read will have a lot of the same items on them.

What I’m here to do, is to help you discover the perfect Christmas gift for your man all on your own, while offering a few suggestions of my own, of course (though I can promise you, I’m not getting paid for any of it).

So, the goal here is to give your significant other something that they didn’t even know they wanted. A thoughtful gift such as this is going to be your best chance at restoring that magical Christmas feeling, and really warranting your lover’s excitement.

Now, to help you establish exactly what that thoughtful gift might be, I’ve asked my Fiance, Mitch, for a little help.

Clearly, as his partner, I know exactly what Mitch likes to do, wear, and work on. But, I don’t want to get him another fishing pole, he’s already got more tools than he has space for, and I’m pretty sure his parents buy him clothes every year.

Sometimes though, it’s easier to rule out potential gift items first, because then you can find ways to work around, or elaborate on them. So, just start with a list of things/items you know your significant other likes or uses often, but already owns. Here’s a small part of the list I came up with for Mitch as an example (p.s. I added links just in case my no-go items turn out to be your go-to’s):

Next, I re-examined my no-go list but tried to use the little things that I know about Mitch to help me elaborate on the no-go items so I could come up with new ideas:

  • Fishing: Mitch loves to research a lot about fish activity/behavior before fishing so he knows what kind of bait to use/areas to fish. (Thoughtful gift: Book on Bass Fishing Strategies)
  • Absolutely every tool I can personally imagine: Mitch has an endless supply of tools, but they’re all over the place and can never be found when they’re needed. (Thoughtful gift: Large Tool Cabinet)
  • Clothes that he actually wears on a daily basis: If I don’t clean Mitch’s underwear, no one will, and I’d rather not clean his underwear. (Thoughtful gift: Boxer Briefs) Also, Mitch only has 2-3 decent button-up shirts that he wears to less casual events. (Thoughtful gift: Collared Shirt) Oh, and while we’re lookin’ nice, why not smell nice too? (Thoughtful gift: Cologne)
  • Pocket knives: Mitch has plenty of dull pocket knives ever since he lost his knife sharpener. (Thoughtful gift: Sharpening StoneAngled Knife Sharpener)

And just like that, I’ve got a ton of gift ideas to choose from that are personable, and tailored specifically to my man. Now I can get him multiple gifts on Christmas, each one sure to surprise and excite (and actually go to good use)!

And I know it’s a simple strategy when it comes down to picking out the perfect Christmas gift, but sometimes when your head is stuck and you’re at a loss for ideas, you’ve gotta break it back down to the basics.

So when you’re shopping for your man’s Christmas gift this year, don’t settle for some random gadget you found on someone else’s “Top 10” list. Put some thought into it, and give him something special that will actually bring him some much needed Christmas Cheer (and won’t collect dust or go unused)!

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