6 Everyday Beauty Tips We Should All Know | 002


Hey guys! As you can see, I decided to write another “6 beauty tips” post. I realised shortly after publishing my first post that I had forgotten a bunch of tips that I could have added, and I also had a few requests to write another one of these posts anyway.

So, that being said, I’ve chosen to turn this into a series, and it will last as long as I can keep thinking up new tips to share. Hopefully that means a long time, but only time will tell.

Anyway, I’m just gonna jump right into the tip sharing, and what not. So, here we go…


You may have heard of using hair conditioner to shave your legs, but if you’re like me and spend a nice dime on conditioner, then I’m sure you don’t want to waste any.

So instead of conditioning the leg hairs that you’re about to shave off anyway, save it for the hair on your head and just use lotion and water to shave.

Simply apply a generous amount of lotion all over your legs and then wipe them down with water. This will create a nice smooth surface to shave your legs on, and it’ll still leave your skin feeling nice and soft afterwards. Just as long as you don’t mind a little messiness.

how-often-should-you-wash-your-hair-700x400SCALP ONLY

Did you know that you’ve been shampooing your hair wrong all along? Believe me, I’m guilty of this too, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to change your habits!

So the next time you’re shampooing your hair, make sure that you are only shampooing the hair around the scalp, NOT the ends. Lathering shampoo on the ends is unnecessary, and it only strips the ends of the moisture they need.

Simply allowing the shampoo to run through the ends of your hair as you are rinsing it out is enough. Your hair will truly thank you for it later.


Do you use perfume only to find that the scent has worn off soon after you put it on?

Just try rubbing a little petroleum jelly on areas of your skin you’d like to spray your perfume first. This will help to trap the scent of your perfume, thus making it last longer.

19-comb-hair-190612BRUSH FROM THE BOTTOM-UP

It only feels natural to brush your hair starting from the top and working your way down to the ends, right? Wrong.

Whenever you brush your hair this way, any twisted hairs you have will be forced lower down and collect into little knot balls that are impossible to get out without breaking. I would know, this used to be me. And btw, by breaking I DO mean literally ripping your hair off. Yeah. Es no bueno!

So by starting near the ends of your hair and brushing a small section at a time, your hairs are less likely to twist themselves into a knot. Not to mention that it’s a lot less painful too!

Blog_Dr_Seun-Hair-Loss-After-Bariatric-Weight-Loss-SurgeryEYESHADOW TO THICKEN HAIR

Some of you may have been blessed with luscious thick hair, however I was not. I have had pretty thin hair my whole life, which is unfortunate for me because I love volume, and that’s not something my hair is always able to achieve.

My trick though, is to find an eyeshadow that somewhat matches my hair color, and it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect you guys, and to use an eyeshadow brush to apply that shadow on my scalp where I have parted my hair (like that girl in the picture above).

Now this won’t add volume to your hair, though I wish it somehow magically did, but it does create the illusion that you have much fuller— thicker hair, which I guess is enough for me.

The only problem this poses is that it won’t work for everyone, because some of you may have a hair color, such as blonde or really bright red or something— I don’t know, that isn’t quite possible to match with an eyeshadow while covering that area of the scalp without looking strange, or just not being noticable at all.

But if you have a basic hair color, such as brown like mine (shout out to all my brunette home girls out there), then this will be your saving grace.

perfect-face-with-the-beauty-blenderDAMPEN YOUR BEAUTY BLENDER

Last but not least, is the dampening of your beauty blenders. And to be totally honest, up until about a month ago I was still using a dry beauty blender not knowing that the whole time I was just doing it all wrong!

So first of all, I know we don’t all clean our beauty blenders daily, which means all of that left over makeup will actually harden the sponge a little bit. But when you dampen your beauty blender, it actually softens it down making it easier and more comfortable when using.

Not only that, but using a damp beauty blender distributes product much more evenly on your face. I personally think it even stops the sponge from absorbing all your product and letting it go to waste. So that way, there is more makeup on your face and it looks a lot more natural and even.

All you do is set your beauty blender under the faucet and squeeze the water in and out, really making sure it all gets wet and absorbs that water. Next you want to ring out your beauty blender out by giving it about 10 more good squeezes.

Yeah, I said we want a damp beauty blender ladies, not a wet one.

So before you begin using your beauty blender, you want to be sure that you don’t see any more water dripping out when you squeeze it. And afterwards, I’ll even squeeze it a few times while it’s wrapped in a towel too.

And another great thing about this little tip, is that it will totally inspire you to clean your blender more often. You’ll be rinsing it with water and think to yourself, “Hmm… This beauty blender is kind of dirty, I should probably wash it. Well it is already wet, and the soap is sitting right there, I guess I can just clean it off real quick since I’m already in this situation. My boyfriend won’t mind waiting on me for an extra 2-3 minutes, right?”

And trust me, I know that’s what you’ll be thinking because this was me back in december!

So there you have it folks, 6 more beauty tips that will make your life that much easier. I hope all of these tips helped you out, and remember to leave a comment below sharing any of your own special tips and I may just give you a shout-out in next week’s “6 tip” post!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and as always, stay beautiful. ❤️


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