My Current Mood Music Playlist

I’m the kind of person who likes to listen to almost every genre of music. Heavy metal, country, classic rock, oldies, rap, EDM, pop, punk, comedy, you name it. But the music I decide to listen to during the day depends on what kind of mood I’m in, and I guarantee you can all relate to that.

And even though I can’t identify the exact type of music mood I’ve been in lately, because I’ve felt like listening to a lot of different genres, I’m going to share a playlist of all the songs I’ve been diggin’ recently.

*WARNING: Some content may be inappropriate for a younger audience* 


•      “Nocturnal Rainbows”Hopsin

•      “Pans In The Kitchen”Hopsin

•      “Arm And Hammer”Kevin Gates

•      “What I Got” | Sublime

•      “Santeria” | Sublime

•      “Wrong Way” | Sublime

•      “MAAD City” | Kendrick Lamar

•      “Backseat Freesyle” | Kendrick Lamar

•       “Hot N*gga” | Bobby Shmurda

•      “Thunderstruck” | AC/DC

•      “Let There Be Rock” | AC/DC

•      “Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” | AC/DC

•       “Whiskey In A Jar” | Metallica

•      “Enter Sandman” | Metallica

•      “Professional Rapper” | Lil Dicky

•      “Lemme Freak” | Lil Dicky

•      “Jump” | Lupe Fiasco

•      “Goldie”A$AP Rocky

•      “Lost Stars” | Adam Levine

•      “Do You Even Hear Yourself” | The Everyday Anthem

•      “Grey” | The Everyday Anthem

•      “Always Been You” | The Everyday Anthem

•      “Stage Dives & Pick Slides” | The Everyday Anthem

•      “Brass Monkey” | Beastie Boys

•      “Partition”Beyoncé

•      “Hooked On A Feeling” | Blue Swede

•      “#Twerkit” | Busta Rhymes

 •       “This Is The House That Doubt Built” | A Day To Remember

•      “Sticks & Bricks”A Day To Remember

•      “It’s Complicated”A Day To Remember

•      “2nd Sucks”A Day To Remember

•      “Cover Of The Rolling Stone” | Dr. Hook

•      “Santa Monica” | Everclear

•      “Rollup – Baauer Remix” | Flosstradamus

•      “Lotta That” | G-Eazy

•      “Headsplitter” | Getter

•      “Clint Eastwood”Gorillaz

•      “Keep It 100” | Keys N Krates

•      “Smoke Screens & Pipe Dreams”Rhyme Asylum

•      “Make It Bun Dem” | Skrillex

So this playlist does include some screamo (not much at all), which I doubt many of you will be fond of. It also includes some older songs that I listened to growing up, some rock music, a lot of rap, some trap music, and a few other genres. I promise though, all of the songs I have listed above are amazing!

And even if you’re thrown off by the title or artist, I want you guys to at least click on every link that I provided and listen to a little bit of each song (Even if its just a few seconds in the beginning).

Then, comment below telling me which songs/artists you liked from my playlist, which ones you didn’t like, and you can also share some of your personal favorite songs! I’d love to get your opinions!

So thanks for reading (and hopefully listening) guys! You’re all the best, and I hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!


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