Beautiful Wooden Wall Decor For Your Home | A Few Different Ways You Can DIY

Hello again my loves. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and please do to tell me all about how you’ve been lately in the comments! And I promise you don’t have to be shy, I don’t bite very hard lol.

So today’s post is all about wooden decor for the home, and I’ll be teaching you a few different ways that you can make your own!

I actually began working on wooden projects a little over a year ago, and I have made a variety of different things, from wood slice chalkboards and alphabet refrigerator magnets, to large wood frame chalk boards and wooden signs.

Now I actually make and sell custom wooden signs for people’s homes! (Also, please feel free to ask me about potentially making you a custom sign if you’re interested, and I’ll be happy to discuss design elements and pricing with you.)

So today I’m going to share the various techniques I’ve personally used to make wooden signs, and hopefully you’ll discover a way that works for you.


This technique is by far the most difficult, but it is also the strategy that I use most often.

First, I have to decide what I want my sign to say. Then I visit where I type in the text I wish to use, and I choose a font style that I like.

From there I eye-ball the words from my phone and I copy down what I see onto the wood with pencil. I can erase my mistakes until I get it right, and once I’m happy with my outline I begin coloring in the letters with a sharpie paint pen.

The only difficult part about this technique for me, is judging the size and spacing of all my letters. But in the end, my best work has always come from free-handing my words. Some of my free-hand work is pictured below.



Tracing is much easier than free-hand, obviously. There are even multiple ways to trace your wording onto wood. For example, you can pull up the words or letters on your phone, hold a piece of paper over your screen, and trace what you see in pencil.

Or you can print off whatever you intend to trace onto the wood, use a pencil to shade all over the back of the piece of paper you just printed out, and then use a pen to trace over the letters on your piece of wood so that an outline of led is left behind.

Now here is an example of a piece that I made using the tracing method.



The transfer method can be kind of tricky. First, you have to lay out the words that you want on your sign in a Microsoft word document or something like that. You have to keep the size of your don’t in mind and determine how large your words will appear on your sign by using what you have on your screen as a reference.

Then, you have to create a mirrored image of what you came up with, and that’s what you’ll be printing. However, you won’t be using regular paper to print it on.

You’ll have to cut out pieces of wax paper in the exact same size of your regular copy paper, and then tape each piece of wax paper to individual pieces of copy paper as to not jam your printer.

When you successfully have your text printed on wax paper, you have to be careful not to touch the ink because it will smudge. You will then flip the wax paper over so that the words are no longer backwards, meaning the wet ink is now facing down.

Next, you will take the wax paper and press it down onto the wood sort of like a stamp. When you do this, be careful not to move the wax paper around at all, and hold it down firmly onto the wood.

You can then take a credit card or like object and run it over the wax paper as if you were trying to remove air bubbles as to transfer as much of the ink onto the wood as possible. Then you slowly and carefully lift the wax paper and reveal your masterpiece underneath.

Here is an example of a sign I made using this transfer technique.


So aside from using stencils, those are the three basic methods that I have used to make wooden signs.

You can experiment with all three and find which way works best for you, and even come up with some tricks of your own.

Lastly, don’t forget to contact me if you’re interested in having your own custom sign made, and remember to follow my blog, Vital For Style!

Now have a great week everybody, and I’ll be back again real soon! 👋


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