Destination Destin | Beach Get Away & Vacation Clothing Haul

Hey everybody! I know I haven’t posted in a while, I was a little busy the past few days. But feel free to tell me all about how you spent your last week in the comments, and don’t be shy! I don’t bite very hard lol.

So last Wednesday I drove down to Destin, Florida with my boyfriend, Mitch, to spend some time with him and his family at the beach.

Mind I haven’t been to the beach in years, and the only reason I went back then was for a softball tournament so it wasn’t exactly a “vacation”.

So considering this was my first legitimate vacation I’ve ever really had (bummer, I know. I don’t get to travel much), I was totally stoked to go.



On my first night in Destin, after the sun went down and the usual herd of beach-goers had fled the sandy shores, Mitch and I walked down to the ocean for a moonlight adventure. We searched for ghost crabs and walked the shore line for a few miles, then turned back towards our condo to call it a night.


Early on Thursday afternoon, Mitch and I met up with his family at the beach. Then, after swimming in the ocean for a while, we decided to go parasailing.

Neither of us had ever gone parasailing before, and I think Mitch was a lot more nervous than I was to be honest. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t scary at all! It was peaceful and the view was pretty amazing.


•  •  •



On Friday the whole family got together for a homemade seafood feast. Later that night, Mitch and I went back out onto the beach searching for more crabs and scanning the seaside with a metal detector.

Then when we realized a piece of aluminum foil and a bottle cap were the only two things we would find, we started collecting sea shells and made our way back to the condo again for bed.


Early the next morning, Mitch and I finally had the opportunity to go shopping. We drove down to a huge strip mall with about 50 different stores and circled the parking lot, and I decided to stop at American Eagle Outfitters first.

As always though, Mitch couldn’t stand walking around the store while I shopped, so he rushed me out pretty quickly. I was sure my shopping spree would end there, but I was lucky enough that he took me to Target too.

We made two more stops at Bass Pro Shops and Pizza Hut, then drove back to the condo to eat and change into our bathing suits.

After lunch, we walked to the beach and spent a few hours snorkeling and searching for sand dollars. By mid afternoon both Mitch and I were tuckered out, so we decided to call it a day and spent the rest of our Saturday recuperating.



We continued to recoup until it was time for dinner on Sunday evening. The whole family met up again to ride the water-taxi down to a restaurant on Harbor Walk.

We all ate and rode back to the dock near our condo on the water-taxi, then Mitch and I ditched to walk down to the beach one last time before returning to Georgia.

With both of us well rested, we decided to bring our fishing poles and spend the whole night fishing. It wasn’t until we ran out of fishing tackle that we had to turn back, but we still stayed up all night digging for sea shells in the sand.



Sunday night blurred into Monday morning. After the cup I had brought to hold all of our sea shells got full, Mitch and I walked back to the condo just two hours before Dawn and restocked on fishing supplies.

We made another short walk back to the water to fish just a little bit longer, and when the sun finally came up we were back to the condo to pack our things and hit the road.

Surprisingly we were able to make it out before 7am (8am Georgia time), and we arrived back at home by 2:30pm!

But it wasn’t long after we were unpacked that Mitch brought me out to the lake for even more fishing. I was exhausted, but I really didn’t mind much. I just thought it was pretty cool that we were able to fish in two different states in a single day!


So even though I wasn’t able to shop around for very long, I’m still happy with what I ended up with.


The first item from my vacation clothing haul is this pair of American Eagle Jeggings. They’re so comfortable, and I love the light/somewhat dirty wash they have. I bought them for $34.99 in Florida, but you can purchase them online for $39.99 on the AEO website!


Next I have this second pair of American Eagle Jeggings, which are also incredibly comfortable. They have a dark grey wash, mild distressing, and they are super low-rise. In Florida they were on sale for $19.99, but you can find them in the clearance section on the AEO website for $29.99!

I also bought this adorable cold shoulder soft and sexy tee from American Eagle (in black). It’s strappy, has a keyhole front, and looks great with my new jeans! It’s even on sale right now for $12.47 on the AEO website!

My last item from American Eagle was this totally cute mock-neck shift dress. It also has a keyhole front (so it looks sort of like a choker dress) and it has a beautiful ombre effect. You can actually buy it from the AEO website now for only $20.97!


After shopping at AEO, I also stopped by Target to look at their bikinis. While I was there I picked up this cute pair of ruffle bikini bottoms for $17.99. I just love the scrunched cheeky look!

Lastly, I purchased this pair of extra cheeky bikini bottoms, which were also at Target for $17.99. They have two straps on each side, and they match well with the black bikini top that I already own.

Well that was it for my clothing haul, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to tell me about how you spent your last week in the comments! And remember to follow my blog Vital For Style if you haven’t already, because I’ll be posting again later on this week. So be on the lookout, and I’ll be back soon my loves!


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