Trust Me, You Don’t Really Want Bigger Boobs—And Here’s Why

Hey guys! I hope you’ve all had a great Saturday, and please feel free to let me know how your week went in the comments!

So today for Style Saturday, I’m gonna talk about the struggles we “chestier” woman face when it comes to fashion, and why you should stop wishing for bigger boobs! I mean, you have no idea how lucky you truly are.

And let’s be honest. If you are someone who just wants a bigger cup size to appear more attractive to men (which I get it, we’re all human and we all want to appear more attractive to the opposite sex), then you’re wasting your time.

The right guy for you will love you exactly the way you are. If you’re using your body as a way to attract a man, you’ll be attracting the kind of man you DON’T want to be with! Annnndd that’s how toxic relationships are formed, but that’s a topic for another day.

Plus, you should already know that all you really need to attract a guy is your kick-ass personality, and that’s a fact!

But whatever it is that makes some people think that having big boobs is such a great thing, I can assure them it’s honestly not worth it! Here are just a few of the things that make big boobs such a burden.

•  •  •


I swear, I have to adjust my boobs at least 100 times a day. And I don’t mean bra, I mean boobs.

Every time I look down to my chest, I see that my boobs have mysteriously tried to escape from my bra and are starting to pop out of the center.

It’s the most annoying thing in the world, and it happens just about every time I move. Literally the only way to avoid it would be to wear some sort of granny-nursing bra, and I am neither a granny, nor am I nursing so..

*Makes classic resting-bitch face*

•  •  •


Even if you’re skinny, having big boobs can make you look so much bigger when wearing certain styles of clothing.

Since having a larger bust means your boobs actually extend further out infront of you, clothes like tunic tops and shift dresses that just drape over your body will make you look wider.

These kinds of styles create the same illusion for everyone, though. Even smaller chested women will look wider than they would if they were wearing something fitted.

But imagine two different woman that are equally as thin, but differ in cup size. One woman wears a size 32A bra while the other wears a 32D, and they both try on the same shift dress.

Which woman would appear thinner in that dress? The woman who wears a 32A of course! And even though the woman who wears a 32A is no thinner than the other underneath the dress, the woman wearing a 32D would simply look wider because some styles of clothing (such as shift dresses) are less flattering on large chested women. Not science, just the cold hard truth!

•  •  •


If you have big boobs, you probably have a very hard time finding a good bikini top during swimsuit season. Am I right?

You can’t wear bandeau bikini tops, because they provide no support whatsoever. I’ve honestly never even bothered to try one on because I already know that it would just. not. work!

Then you have halter neck bikini tops, which are always painful to wear. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because boobs are freakin’ heavy, man! And if you want to hold your big girls in, you’ve gotta tie that string around your neck pretty dang tight. Then by the end of the day the back of your neck just hurts like hell.

But we’ve also got those bikini tops that are similar to your everyday bra, with straps that go over each of your shoulders. The problem with these is that without an under wire, almost any movement can easily trigger an escape (you know what I mean).

Then the rest of the bikini tops out there are either too ugly or they make your boobs look weird, and those are really our only options!

•  •  •


How you ask? Because they are sneaky little bastards that have minds of their own, minds that hate us! And here’s how they will do it…

You could just be relaxing at home, minding your own business, ya know. Maybe you’re munching on some chili and watching TV on the couch. You mindlessly feed yourself one mouth-full of chili at a time while your eyes are glued to some infomercial you’re watching. You’re about to take your next bite, but just before it reaches your mouth… BOOM!

One little bean, or one tiny drop of sauce finds its way off of your spoon or fork, or whatever utensil you use to eat your chili, and it lands directly​ on your boobs below staining your shirt. And just like that, your new favorite shirt is officially ruined! (You’d be surprised at how often this kind of thing actually happens)

If your boobs weren’t so big and always in the way, that little bean or that drop of sauce could have missed your new shirt completely and just fallen back into the bowl, on the table, or even on your lap. Literally anywhere else besides your favorite shirt.

•  •  •

Alright now ladies, I could literally go on and on about how having big boobs is more of a pain in the ass than anything else. As a female that wore a C-cup by the 5th grade, I can honestly say I hate them.

So just take my word for it and be thankful. They’re really not all that they’re cracked up to be, and stressing over them, or potentially spending thousands of dollars to enlarge them one day would NOT be worth your time or money.


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