Rainy Day Activities To Brighten Your Otherwise Gloomy Day!

Hey Everyone! How have you been doing lately? Please remember to let me know in the comments! 👇

I’ve been feeling pretty groggy lately, to be honest. The past three or four days have just been humid, wet, and gloomy, and my mood has definitely been affected by this bull-crap weather.

Not to mention my cable keeps going out from these crazy “crack-so-loud-you-jump-out-of-bed” and “shake-your-whole-house” kind of thunderstorms I’ve been having in my area lately.

My dog is even on edge, and for the past few days he’s been quick to snap at my boyfriend’s dog for invading his personal space. But, that could just be because he’s also a big ‘ol brat and he feels entitled to everything because I spoil him to death lol.

Anyway, I got sick and tired of laying around the house and decided to think up some rainy day activities I could do to occupy my time. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far!


• • •

1. Go bowling with your boyfriend or girlfriend

This is the perfect date-night activity! Bowling is so much more fun when it’s just you and your man, and it can be a great way to bond with your partner.

• • •

2. Try your hand at abstract painting

I specify abstract because there’s no limits to what you can paint. And what better way to combat the bad weather blues than to get knee deep into an art project and express your creativity?!

• • •

3. Clean out your closet and take pictures of the clothes you no longer want and post them on Poshmark to make some $$$

You may or may not be totally familiar with my blog, but if you are then you know that I’m addicted to Poshmark!

Go read some of my other posts to learn more about Poshmark and remember to use code GOZXK at sign up to earn and extra $5 towards your first purchase! Woo-hoo!

• • •

4. Catch up on that spring cleaning you never started

I know I haven’t!

• • •

5. Indulge in some self-care activities

Give yourself a mani-pedi, look online for homemade face mask recipe​s, or conjure up a hair mask to nourish and strengthen your hair and fight against those little bastard split-ends that we all have (whether we like to admit it or not, they’re there lol). Or you can relax and find a good book to read, or download an e-book on your tablet or phone!

• • •

6. Look up yoga videos on YouTube and follow along on your phone

This idea can go for workout videos too! Just pick one of the millions of exercise videos on YouTube, clear out some space in the living room, and follow along to the video on your phone!

• • •

7. Finish some laundry and organize all of your shoes and the clothes in your dresser or closet

The clothes in my dresser only stay folded for so long before my drawers are just a mess of loose articles of clothing. I’ll take my folded clothes and try them on, decide not to wear them, and throw them back in the drawer. By the end of the week my clothes are all over the place and I can’t find a single thing I’m looking for.

Organizing your clothes will make them easier to locate, and keep them in good condition! Which will come in handy (and make you more $$$) if you ever decide to sell them on Poshmark!

• • •

8. Check out my different DIY posts and try out one of the projects I featured

I recently decided to convert my Fashion Blog into a Fashion + DIY + Lifestyle Blog so I could share tutorials from some of my many fun DIY projects. The materials you’ll need will usually be household items you already have, they’re fun and kid-friendly, and they can make great gifts for friends or family!

• • •

9. Clear out your fridge and make sure you don’t have any old foods or expired condiments sitting around

Since my boyfriend never looks at expiration dates on anything other than the milk in our fridge, I’m responsible for clearing out the rest. You’ll be surprised at how many expired condiments you might have in the doors of your refrigerator lol.

• • •

10. Bake something yummy, look up neat recipes online until you find one that only calls for ingredients that you already have on hand.

Cook up some kind of new concoction of your own and Chow down at your delicious masterpiece, or keep it simple and bake some of those “just add milk” muffins you get in a bag from the grocery store. Whatever butters your bread boo-boo! 😉

• • •

11. If your significant other is present, try playing a new game together to keep things interesting

Look up cute couple games on the internet, have a drawing contest, write each other love letters, play would you rather or 20 ?’s

• • •

12. Get caught up on your finances and plan out your next week’s schedule

Make up for all that time you spent procrastinating during the week while it was sunny and there was tons of fun things to do, and get caught up on all the Adult stuff that just makes you want to be a kid again.

For example… paying the bills, coming up with your next month’s spending budget, deciding what to bring to that family get-together your mom keeps calling you about. You know, stuff like that.

• • •

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. Truth be told I’ll probably just blog, Netflix, and chill all day lol.

But what kind of things do you like to do on rainy days? Let me know which ideas you liked from my list, and Share your own in the comments below so I can add on to the Activities above! And don’t worry, all those who share their ideas will be credited if they’re added to the list!

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