My Perspective on Tattoos | Is it an Artistic Form of Expression -or- A Choice That We Should Look Down Upon? (Uncensored)

The controversial matter of tattoos, and whether or not they are socially acceptable, will always be a huge conflict. Even if most of the society chooses to accept the art, there will still be those who refuse to do the same.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to make the whole world agree. That will never change. But I want to share my perspective on the whole issue, and hopefully those who disagree with me can at least learn to understand the point I’m trying to make.



Many people have failed to see it this way, but the tattooed population has been victimized by those who make judgements because they stereotype or just don’t understand.

It is because of these unfair judgements that tattooed workers are denied certain employment. If the rest of society could just realize how ignorant it is to judge someone based on what they have on their skin or what color it is, this world would be a far more peaceful place. Don’t you agree?

What I’m getting at here is, I don’t think it is fair that a perfectly qualified and professional man or woman could be denied a job position just because they have visible tattoos. As long as those tattoos are not offensive or inappropriate, it shouldn’t matter if a person has an arm tattoo, neck tattoo, and etc.

That is their skin, and they have every right to tattoo it if they want to! Just because someone has full sleeves and a neck tattoo, it doesn’t mean they are dangerous criminals. Just as how not every Muslim is a terrorist.



Denying someone a job because of their tattoos, or hiring someone less qualified just because they didn’t have tattoos should be just as illegal as denying someone a job because of their skin color or religious beliefs.

If you’re not quite following yet, think of it this way. It would be wrong to deny a Muslim a job simply because they are Muslim, correct? Absolutely!

But it wouldn’t be wrong to deny a well known Muslim-terrorist a job if they walked into your office and applied for one. You wouldnt be denying them the position for being Muslim, you would be denying them the job because they’re a documented criminal (and please do not assume I feel any sort of racial prejudice towards Muslims or anyone else for that matter. I view racism as being childish and ignorant).

So don’t you think it would be wrong, for example, to deny a job position to a perfectly qualified woman with a full sleeve tattoo (not containing any inappropriate or offensive material), just because she is tattooed? I definitely think so!

Of course, if another woman with a full sleeve tattoo applied for a job and she had a criminal record and an attitude during the interview, denying her the position would be justifiable!

Now, I think everyone needs to stop believing the stereotype that being tattooed is this ungodly thing only practiced by the damned and dangerous.

If someone makes the choice to put a giant rose tattoo on their forearm or the side of their neck, they have that right. If a person decides to believe in Christianity, they too have that right. But, it is illegal to deny a Christian a job only because they’re Christian. And I think it should also be illegal for that same tattooed person to be denied a job only because they have visible tattoos.

Now, I know I’ve been beating a dead horse here, but I feel very passionate about this topic. And I’m angry that I couldn’t get a tattoo on my arm if I wanted to, because I may be out of the job in the future.

I mean, c’mon! Just because some people don’t like them, I’m not allowed to have tattoos that can be seen? I’m sorry, I don’t give a shit what other people think about my tattoos. I don’t get tattoos for them, I get tattoos for me. It’s my skin, why should these judgemental ass holes have any sort of control over what I do or do not choose to have tattooed on it? Why do they give a fuck about what I have on my skin anyway? My tattoos never hurt anybody except myself and my wallet, and in no way will my tattoos have any effect on anyone else but me. It makes me absolutely sick!



The first thing I get asked when one of these ass holes sees my tattoos is, “Don’t you think you’re going to regret that when you’re older and covered in wrinkles?” And then they go on to tell me about what a stupid decision I made by getting a tattoo.

If I were to respond to their question however, I’d say,”No, as a matter of fact I havn’t though about it, but I’ll probably have more important things to stress about at that age. And I’m sure that if I’m covered in wrinkles I won’t give a shit, because everything about me will be ugly by then anyway.”

And I think it’s totally cool if you don’t want a tattoo because it will change once you get older. But don’t be an ass and try to convince me that I’m stupid? You’re stupid for caring way too much about an art that has been utilized since 4000 b.c., and I bet no one back then gave a shit either!

The second argument they would have is, “Do you really want that on your skin for the rest of your life? Don’t you think you’ll regret it in 10 years when you’re a completely different person?” And then they would go on to tell me that I would regret them, as if they could see into the future.

My tattoos are a part of me. They tell my story. And not all of them have some ultra personal or special meaning either. I have a gotten multiple tattoos simply because I like the way they look. They are works of art that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Some people can’t imagine having something permanently engraved into their skin. But the permanent factor of a tattoo doesn’t scare me at all, because that’s the primary thing that makes them so beautiful.

They are memories, like landmarks of my life’s story. I can remember getting every one of my tattoos and I remember the exact point in my life I had been standing in when I got them.

They’re constant reminders of how far I’ve come, where I’ve been, and that makes me appreciate my life and all of the things I’ve been able to experience thus far. Regardless of whether you’re a tattoo fan or not, you can admit that is a beautiful thing, right?




The tattoo in this picture is my largest so far, and undoubtedly my favorite. It is still just an outline, but it’ll be shaded or colored in soon. Here’s a better look at it, right after the artist finished…



The tattoo is a Chinese dragon wrapped around a skull that’s in the center. The entire outline was done in a single session, and there will be clouds and more flowers added around it. This is one of the tattoos that I have that have no particular sentimental meaning, other than the fact that I have always liked dragons and I think this looks like and incredibly badass tattoo.



This tattoo is on my left hip, right above where my dragon tattoo now lies. The same artist, Levi Dunn, actually did both tattoos as well. This is also one of my tattoos that have no meaning to me other than liking the way it looks. The story behind this tattoo is one of my favorites though.

I was really craving another tattoo one morning, so I told my friend Michael that I was going to get one and I wanted him to come with me. I actually didn’t know what I wanted until I met the artist for the first time and we picked something out of some of his pre-sketched designs.

Doesn’t sound too exciting, but having my best friend there with me is a memory we share that I’m very fond of, and the spontaneity of it all made it a lot of fun.



I didn’t have a better picture of this tattoo, but it is the serenity prayer that I have on my outer right thigh. I have known that I wanted to have the serenity prayer tattoo since I was little.

My parents went to AA for a short period of time (though I never remember them drinking, they definitely don’t now), so there were multiple things around the house that had this quote on it. For example, a very little wood sign that stood on the counter in my parents bathroom and a small key chain that I found lying around.

So at a young age, I had this quote memorized and I felt inspired by it. I thought it was very powerful, and I still do to this day.



The feather tattoo on my left side has a little bit of meaning, I suppose. I have just always loved feathers, and I don’t even know why. But when I was little, I would run around the banks of the lake whenever my family was out camping and I would collect as many goose feathers as I could find and try to fly. Of course I was never able to fly, but I’ve had dreams about flying all my life.



If you look at my hand, you’ll see a red Q♥ tattoo on my ring finger, which is the only colored tattoo that I have. My boyfriend at the time did indeed have a red K♥ on his ring finger as well.

I know what you’re thinking too, so I’ll go ahead and tell you. No, I’m no longer with him, and no I don’t miss him, regret it, or even think about him whenever I see it. I see my tattoo and think “I’m the queen of hearts, bitches”, and that’s about all there is to it.


So thanks for checking out this post, even if you just skimmed through. No hard feelings. But, I’m really interested to hear your take on the topic and would love to see some of you guys leave a comment with your opinions, or just share your own tattoo stories!




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