How Your Clothes Going Out of Style is a Good Thing

Have you ever bought a top or a pair of shoes that went out of style before you wanted to wear them? Or shopped online for winter coats in the fall, just so you could have your cute winter outfits prepared?

I think most women can admit they are guilty of that same behavior. Simply because trends that are hot on one day, will already have cooled down after just a few months. This may sound like a bad thing, but it’s really one of the greatest things about fashion!

Sure, every now and then we might spend money on clothes that are hardly worn before they lose their stylish luster, and that can seem like a waste. But if you really think about it, the reason we love fashion is because the trends we consider to be “in style” are constantly changing!

As human beings, we easily grow bored of things over time. For example, your relationship with a boyfriend may seem a little boring after a few years, or you may start to get sick of your once-favorite outfit.

The point is, in order for us to stay interested in something we need to experience some sort of change. That is why going out on dates, and spicing things up in the bedroom might be needed to keep the flame in your relationship burning, and why shopping for  new shirts, shoes, and shorts seems like the only way you can continue to dress yourself every morning and still be satisfied! And isn’t that the exact reason that most of us are shopaholics?




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