Fashion Friday | What You’ll See Trending in Winter 2017

Hey everyone, It’s Fashion Friday again, and I hope all of you have had a good year so far! And It may seem like 2017 has only just begun, but it will be spring before we know it and all of our winter outfits aren’t going to cut it anymore.

No worries though, because I’ve got a list of some of the hottest seasonal styles you’ll see trending this year!

Make sure you keep an eye out for my next couple of posts, because they will feature the rest of the year’s trends.

– Winter –



A leather jacket is essential whenever you’re trying to pull of a sort of grungy look. Personally, I love wearing my leather jacket with a pair of distressed, light-wash skinny jeans, a white or gray loose-fitting tee, and a pair of black booties or combat boots. You can even top it off with a black ball cap!

Utility jackets have been really hot this winter, and you’ll mostly find them different shades of khaki and olive green. I know first hand that an olive utility jacket can go with just about anything, and it’s versatility makes it one of my personal favorites.



I just love the cozy feeling of an oversized sweater. And If you’re aiming for chic, a big old sweater is definitely a go to.

Oversized tops and tees are great too! They can be worn with knee high boots and jeans or leggings for a preppy-chic look, or you can wear them with skinny jeans and white sneakers if you decide to go the hipster route.





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